Kanzan Jittoku by Akutagawa Ryunosuke

寒山拾得 芥川龍之介
 ( When I visited Soseki sensei after a long time, he was sitting in the middle of the study with his arms crossed, thinking about something...)

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Letter # 29 To Cezanne from Zora

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Text:セザンヌ=ゾラ往復書簡 1858-1887
法政大学出版局 (2019/10/26)

Original text: Lettres croisées de Paul Cézanne et Émile Zola, Gallimard, 2016. 


Prologue - The Symbolist Movement in Literature by Arthur Symons

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From Amiel's Journal - Feb 8th,1871

Text: 『アミエルの日記』河野与一訳 岩波文庫 より- Amazon JP


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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Book 11-16

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 16. As to living in the best way, this power is in the soul, if it be indifferent to things which are indifferent. And it will be indifferent, if it looks on each of these things separately and all together, and if it remembers that not one of them produces in us an opinion about itself, nor comes to us; but these things remain immovable, and it is we ourselves who produce the judgments about them, and, as we may say, write them in ourselves, it being in our power not to write them, and it being in our power, if perchance these judgments have imperceptibly got admission to our minds, to wipe them out; and if we remember also that such attention will only be for a short time, and then life will be at an end. Besides, what trouble is there at all in doing this? For if these things are according to nature, rejoice in them and they will be easy to thee: but if contrary to nature, seek what is conformable to thy own nature, and strive towards this, even if it bring no reputation; for every man is allowed to seek his own good.


A Musical Derangement by Motojiro KAJII

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FYI - English translation 
"A Musical Derangement" tr. Stephen Wechselblatt in New Orleans Review (1983)


Ten Haiku of the Cold Night by MASAOKA Shiki (夜寒十句 正岡子規)

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The Pillow Book [205] On Wind Instruments (枕草子 笛は)

笛は 横笛いみじうをかし。遠うより聞るが、やうやう近くなりゆくもをかし。近かりつるが、はるかになりて、いとほのかに聞こゆるも、いとをかし。…

A Picture by Shiki by Soseki (子規の画 夏目漱石)

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Montage of Celadon by Torahiko TERADA

青磁のモンタージュ 寺田寅彦


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Ten Nights of Dreams by NATSUME Soseki – The First Night




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The Gate (Mon) by Soseki - 01 ( 2-min.preview )

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Gibbon in China by Robert van Gulik - Preface introduction

This is an intro of preface to the book "Gibbon in China" by Robert van Gulik.
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