Introducing 南風舎 (Nanpusya)

On the iTunes podcast, we are scheduled to release episodes every month on the first Sunday (novels, essays, etc.) and the third Sunday (classics). On the fourth Sunday (in 2024, it's an introduction to English-language authors). (Some episodes are available only with a paid subscription.) 

Scheduled episodes: Every month, the first Sunday (novels, essays, etc.), the third Sunday (classics), and the fourth Sunday (Bonus contents ). 

My voice may not be a beautiful one, but I strive to provide a soothing reading experience, reminiscent of the calm atmosphere my mother created when she used to read books to me before bedtime during my childhood. As the sole creator and narrator of this podcast, I sincerely hope to contribute to an understanding of the essence of both classical and contemporary Japanese literature.



About Kasumi Kobayashi:

Kasumi Kobayashi, born in Kochi Prefecture in 1976, is a passionate podcaster who loves literature. Through her audiobook narrations, she shares classic Japanese literary works, making them more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Her goal is to spread the beauty of Japanese literature and connect with people who appreciate these stories. 


Audiobooks at LibriVox, Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain

小倉百人一首 (Ogura Hyakunin Isshu) at LibriVox

Iroha Song at The Matheson Trust

The Tale of Genji (May 2009 encore)Ideas at CBC